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Potential 2016 US Presidential Candidates

Major 2012 US Presidential Candidates:


United States President Barack Obama (D) (Incumbent)

Former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts (R)

Current President / Current Vice President

2012 US Presidential Candidates

Vice Presidential Candidates

Once-Potential 2012 US Presidential Candidates

Electoral College


Other 2012 US Presidential Candidates:

Gay Rights Activist Fred Karger of California (R)

Former Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico (R)

Former Governor Buddy Roemer of Louisiana (R)

Roseanne Barr (Green Tea Party)

Also Rans:

US Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota (R)

Businessman Herman Cain of Georgia (R)

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia (R)

Former Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman of Utah (R)

US Representative Thad McCotter of Michigan (R)

US Representative Ron Paul of Texas (R)

Former Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota (R)

Governor Rick Perry of Texas (R)

Former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania (R)

Once-Potential 2012 US Presidential Candidates:

Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi (R)

Former Ambassador to UN John Bolton of Maryland (R)

Former Governor Jeb Bush of Florida (R)

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia (R)

Former Vice President Dick Cheney of Wyoming (R)

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey (R)

Senator John Ensign of Nevada (R)

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York (R)

Former Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas (R)

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana (R)

Former Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska (R)

US Representative Mike Pence of Indiana (R)

US Army General David Petraeus

US Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin (R)

Former Congressman Joe Scarborough of Florida (R)

Senator John Thune of South Dakota (R)

Businessman Donald Trump of New York (R)

Warren Ashe of Virginia (D)

George Ballard III of Pennsylvania (D)

Jeff Boss of New Jersey (D)

Willie Carter of Texas (D)

Alvin Greene of South Carolina (D)

Al Hamburg of Wyoming (D)

Raphael Herman of Florida (D)

Deonia "Dee" Neveu of Virginia (D)

Shawn O'Brien of Florida (D)

Gary Stephens of South Carolina (D)

Randall Terry of New York (D)

David Aragon of New Mexico (R)

George Bailey Jr. of Mississippi (R)

Ralph Beach of South Carolina (R)

Cesar Cisneros of Arizona (R)

Randy Crow of North Carolina (R)

L. John Davis Jr. of Colorado (R)

John Dummett Jr. of Kansas (R)

Lowell "Jack" Fellure of West Virginia (R)

Bob Forthan of Oregon (R)

Bruce Gidner of Michigan (R)

Jon Greenspon of Montana (R)

James Hunt of Georgia (R)

Gabriel Jimenez of Texas (R)

R. Kenneth Jones of California (R)

Tim Kalemkarian of California (R)

Richard Kline of Missouri (R)

Dennis Knill of Arizona (R)

Mike Manley of Florida (R)

Andy Martin of Illinois (R)

Jimmy McMillan of New York (R)

Tom Miller of Minnesota (R)

Steven Neuenschwander of Washington (R)

Philipp Pflughaupt of Missouri (R)

Alan Phillips of Illinois (R)

Joe Ruiz of Florida (R)

Jim Rundberg of Colorado (R)

Ole Savior of Minnesota (R)

Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey of Florida (R)

Keith Singleton of Wisconsin (R)

Mike Stollaire of California (R)

Mosheh Thezion of California (R)

Charles Gordon Vick of Tennessee (R)

Other 2012 Potential US Presidential Candidates:

Air Quality Inspector Dr. Kent Mesplay of California (G)

Former Governor Jesse Ventura of Minnesota (Ind. Party)

Entrepreneur Wayne Allyn Root of Nevada (L)

Attorney and Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader of Connecticut

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