Bill Hammons: Writing and Running in Boulder, Colo. UNITY PARTY FUNDRAISER AGREEMENT FORM Bill Hammons: Writing and Running in Boulder, Colo.

Prospective Unity Party of America Fundraisers
should fill out the below fields, starting with first and last name, etc.
(yes, you may also leave a comment in the below Facebook box if you wish).
Once you've submitted your information, you'll be taken to the confirmation page.

By filling out the below fields to the best of my knowledge and clicking on "submit,"
I agree to raise funds for the United National Committee and for the Hammons for
Colorado Committee
on a 50% commission basis (i.e., I understand that I will be paid
50% of the funds that I raise on behalf of either committee, remitted to me on the
7th day of every month following the month those funds are donated).

Bill Hammons for US Congress Bus Ad

I also understand that in order to receive proper credit for my fundraising efforts I will
keep Bill Hammons and the UNC apprised of those efforts by emailing in
real time with updates on potential donors being contacted and the method of contact.
I further understand that federal campaign contributions of any size are a matter of public
record, and I will therefore be rewarded for my success if I practice due diligence.

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How I heard about Unity Party:
I've read and understand Campaign Finance Laws:

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