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Bill's List of Talent, Representation and Producers



Potential Talent Scouts who wish to be listed on Bill's List and earn 50% commissions finding successful Talent for Bill's List should read the terms at bottom carefully and confirm agreement with those terms by submitting the form below (once the form's submitted you'll be taken to the confirmation page).

First Name:
Middle Initial:
Last Name:
Date of Birth (for Background Checks):
Your Email Address:
Your Exact Facebook Address:
Other Web Address(es):
Are you on WhatsApp?:
Skype ID:
Field(s) of Interest as a Scout (Models, Actors, etc.)?:
Why do you want to be a Scout?:
You have a criminal record? What charges / convictions:
Languages you can speak:
City/State/Country of Residence:
City/State/Country of Origin (are you well-connected there?):
Are you willing to travel to scout?:
Where you heard about Bill's List (Exact Group, Page, etc):

  1. I agree to be listed on Bill's List as a Talent Scout, both in a general Scout list where visitors can leave comments as well as along with my discovered Artists' listings as a means of credit.
  2. If one of the Actors, Athletes, Authors, Models, Musicians or other Artists I convince to sign up with Bill's List finds work through Bill Hammons ("Hammons") in any shape or form I acknowledge that I am entitled to 50% of all royalties paid to Hammons for the work of that Artist (e.g., if a Musician is booked through Bill's List for a $1,000 gig, the Musician earns $800, Hammons earns $100 and the Scout who discovered that Musician earns $100).
  3. I understand that, in order to receive credit for my Artist's earnings, I must be listed on this website as a Bill's List Scout and that I must email with the name and a description of my Artist before my Artist is listed on Bill's List. I also understand that Artists are asked in their submission form if they were told about Bill's List by a Scout.
  4. It is furthered agreed that all monies due to you shall be paid to you by Hammons via Chase QuickPay within seven business days of receipt of those monies by Hammons.
  5. I also understand that in states and countries where talent representation requires a license or other credentials not yet acquired by Bill Hammons and/or Bill's List, any communications regarding prospective work for an Artist in such territories will merely be forwarded to the Artist as a courtesy, and that the Scout is therefore not entitled to compensation.


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