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2015 South Dakota Governor, Senators & Representatives
2015 South Dakota Congressional Districts Map
2015 South Dakota US Representatives List
2015 South Dakota US Senators List

111th Congress:

Gov. Mike Rounds / Sen. Tim Johnson / Sen. John Thune

State's US Representative:

At-Large Congressional District

South Dakota 2012 Presidential Partisan Voting Index: R+9

2010 General Election Date: November 2nd

2010 Primary Election Date: June 8th

American Politics Guide: American Governors, Senators, and Representatives

Mike Rounds (R)
South Dakota Governor

Governor Rounds is Retiring. 2010 Gov./Lt. Gov. Candidates:

Lt. Governor, Ex-State Senate President, Attorney Dennis Daugaard (R)

Ex-State House speaker, Attorney, Nurse, Navy Veteran Matt Michels (R)

State Senate Minority Leader Scott Heidepreim (D)

Manufacturing Executive, Ex-Farm Laborer, Community Activist Ben Arndt (D)

List of 2010 Gubernatorial Primary Candidates who also ran:

State Senator Majority Leader, Attorney, Ex-Gubernatorial Aide Dave Knudson (R)

Rancher Ken Knuppe (R)

Brookings Mayor, Chiropractor Scott Munsterman (R)

US Senators

Sr. US Senator Tim Johnson (D)

Class II US Senator (Up for Re-Election in 2014)

Jr. US Senator John Thune (R)

Class III US Senator (Up for Re-Election in 2010)

US House Representative for the State of South Dakota

  • Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D) - US Rep. for South Dakota's At-Large Congressional District
  • List of 2010 Candidates for At-Large Congressional District:

    US Representative Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D)

    State Rep., Businesswoman, Rancher Kristi Noem (R)

    Retired Federal Employee, Ex-US Foreign Service Member B. Thomas Marking (I)

    List of 2010 At-Large District Candidates who also ran:

    State Rep., Physician, Businessman Blake Curd (R)

    Secretary of State Chris Nelson (R)

    Telecommunications Network Technician, USMC Veteran Thad Wasson (R)

    South Dakota Representative and Senators, 110th Congress

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