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Having as much original content on your website as possible is important (incidentally, I can create content for you as part of or separate from my SEO services).

While there appear to be no hard and fast rules laid down by the search engines on this point, stealing large amounts of text, photos and other content from other websites en masse will kill your site in the search engine results, copying small and select amounts of non-copyrighted text and photos from sites like Wikpedia might be worth your while, and using other websites only as sources for your own original content is best.


In any event, Google and other search engines are fairly strict about flagging any given web page or part of a page as similar or identical to another page or part of a page already on the Web, and will at the very least rank the newer/duplicate lower in their results (if the duplicate content is ranked just below the original/rival content and isn't grounds for copyright infringement, it still might be worth posting on your site).

Finally, consider the concept of Original Content as applying to the idea of your website as a whole. Do you have something original to contribute to the collective culture of humankind, like Bill's List, Bill's Boston Marathon Qualifiers Guide or my Global Politics Guide, or are you just trying to make a quick buck by following the crowd? That's sort of like investing at the top of the market...

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