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Evergreen Content Strategy

Having content with a long shelf life on your website is almost as important as that content being original content. Before you embark on creating a website, consider how you can create a website and website content which will still be useful and relevant years from now, preferably with minimal need for updates. For example, for my American Politics Guide, I've created candidate pages which have drawn quite a bit of traffic when the candidate in question is running well (and possibly future Elected Representatives are often grateful for the extra exposure to particularly savvy voters). But in the long term, I've probably gotten more bang for my sweat-equity buck by creating pages with Congressional District Maps good for the ten years between redistrictings, or pages listing a Talent Agent's more famous actor clients, useful for everyone from aspiring actors to devoted fans for as long as either agent or actor are this side of the dirt.


Long story short, don't get too caught up in chasing the latest topics and trends (even if priming the traffic pump of your website to get on-site conversations going, pay next month's rent, etc. is important). Keep at least one eye on the long term, and keep in mind the metaphor of a forest of evergreen trees which can be your web pages. Don't just strive to plant and grow evergreens; strive to find and nurture the Internet equivalent of the Great Basin Bristlecone Pine.

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