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Keyword Research Tools

Before creating your own website, you should carefully consider the words you want to target with your site, or, more accurately, the words you want to use to target the people you want to reach.

The best tool for researching the best keywords is still the Keyword Tool provided by Google Adwords (Adwords is essentially Google's online ad agency). Look for relevance, competition, monthly searches, and CPC (if you plan on an ad-supported site, cost-per-click will give you an idea of your income potential, but it's also a secondary indication of competition for those searches).


At this first and many later stages, be sure to avoid mindlessly going after keywords that aren't really relevant to your interests and/or the site you're trying to create. This should just give you an indication of whether people are really looking for the words you have in mind, what other words they might be looking for that you hadn't thought of, and what old opportunities still haven't been exploited or what new ones have been created (decades after the creation of the World Wide Web, you might be surprised).

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