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Search Engine Optimisation Services and Consulting

(For UK and Ireland Clients)

WRHAMMONS.COM can provide you with search engine optimisation services and consulting (ie, SEO tips) to maximize the visibility of your website or websites in Google and other top search engines.

"Why would I want to hire WRHAMMONS.COM for my search engine optimisation strategy?" you ask.

Well, you're reading this, aren't you?

We place an emphasis on organic search engine optimisation (ie, search engine optimisation which does not involve paid placement in search engines but instead involves optimal website design and layout, creation of and/or optimal use of existing content, best use of a website's internal links, placement of optimal keywords throughout the website, proactive link campaigns, etc.). We also believe in providing our services on an affordable and virtually risk-free basis (see below).

If hired on a consulting basis, WRHAMMONS.COM will, among many other things:
  1. Create a website in HTML for you if it's not already created (simple is best in the SEO business) and bill the start-up costs back to you
  2. Whether starting from scratch or with an established website, WRHAMMONS.COM will ensure that all of the site's pages are properly linked to from the home page and thus optimized for the search engines
  3. Ensure that your website is chock full of all the keywords and key phrases needed to attract not only visitors, but the right kind of visitors to your site. The right numbers and proportions of these keywords will not only appear in the visible portion of a given web page, but the right keywords will appear in the description and keyword meta tags of your site.
  4. Conduct a link campaign, contacting websites which might be interested in linking back to your newly refurbished website because it's a useful website. These links will not only directly drive traffic to your site, but raise your site in search engine results through increased Google PageRank and other mechanisms.

As mentioned above, using WRHAMMONS.COM as your search engine optimisation specialists is virtually risk-free, because we charge only on a per-visitor basis. That's right, instead of charging you up front and on an hourly basis for work which might or might not optimize your website for the search engines, we'll put our money where our mouth is and only charge for the increase in visitor traffic to your site.

Click here for a detailed explanation of how our search engine optimisation service can work for your own personal website or your company's website.

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