Bill Hammons: Writing and Running in Boulder, Colo.

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Colorado: Home of SEO & SMO Services by W.R Hammons


Search Optimization Services

(aka "Search Engine Optimisation Services")

Bill Hammons: Writing and Running in Boulder, Colo.
Bill Hammons

I am once again taking on clients who'd like to optimize
the traffic for their website and Social Media pages.

Some SEO factors I plan to cover here and on my own SEO Facebook Page
(factors more or less ranked in order of importance):
  1. Keywords
    • Google Keyword Tool
  2. Original Content
  3. Evergreen Content
  4. Site Navigation Structure
  5. Inbound Links
  6. Web Analytics Software
    • Google Analytics
      • Bounce Rate
      • Pages per Visit
      • Visit Duration
      • Return Visits
  7. Title Tags
  8. File Name
  9. Domain Name
  10. Keyword Density on Page
    • Google Home Page Example
  11. Social Media
    • Daily double post limit
    • Don't double-post across platforms
    • Facebook Pages
      • Page-Likes by Others
      • Posts by Page Administrator
        • 7-line/400-character post limit
      • Thumb-Likes by Page Administrator
      • Posts by Others (1 Pt)
      • Post-Likes by Others (2 Pts)
      • Post-Comments by Others (4 Pts)
      • Post-Shares by Others (8 Pts)
      • Posting on other Pages (56-character limit)
    • Google+ Pages
      • 4-line/200-character post limit
    • Comment Boxes
    • Facebook Like Boxes
    • Facebook Like Buttons
    • Google+ Buttons
    • Twitter
      • Twitter Account
      • Twitter Buttons
    • LinkedIn Buttons
  12. Google PageRank
  13. Text in Links
  14. Description Tags
  15. Dates on Pages
  16. Site Speed
  17. Favicons
  18. Amount of Advertising on Page
  19. Outbound Links
  20. Keyword Tags (Don't)

Also please note that I am willing to list Website Design Firms here
on this page free-of-charge (I'm not so much a Website Designer as
a Website Optimizer):
  1. Your Great Website Design Company listing here...

This site averaged 7,177 unique daily visitors during below month

Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimisation)

(Note I have since changed hosting/tracking services.)


I can provide you with SEO Services to dramatically increase high-quality traffic
to your website and thus improve your bottom line. Contact me today to discuss
what I can do for you and your site!

SEO Pages for Current and Former Clients

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