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California State Senate Districts Map

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California State Senators List / California State Assembly Member List
California State Senate Map / California State Assembly Map

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Explanation of below map

California State Senate Districts Map

Californians, note:
  • Pink areas are even-numbered districts created in 2001 and active until 2014 election cycle. 2014 elections will be held in the new even-numbered Senate districts created by the Citizens Redistricting Commission in 2011.
  • Yellow represents odd-numbered districts created by the Citizens Redistricting Commission in 2011, which went into effect during the 2012 election cycle.
  • The orange color represents the accelerated areas for 2013-2014.
  • The unshaded areas represent the deferred areas that will have assigned coverage in the Senate for 2013-2014.
  • For 2013-14 Regular Session of the Legislature, each accelerated area effectively has two Senators and each deferred area has none.

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