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2016 Iowa Governor, Senators & Representatives
2016 Iowa Congressional Districts Map
2016 Iowa US Representatives List
2016 Iowa US Senators List

New (113th Congress) Iowa Congressional Districts Map

Iowa United States Senators List
Senior Senator / Junior Senator
Iowa United States Representatives List
1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad (R)
2014 Iowa Gubernatorial Candidates:
  1. Iowa Governor Terry Branstad (R)
  2. State Senator, Businessman, Ex-Congress Aide Jack Hatch (D)
  3. Surgeon, Navy Veteran Lee Hieb (L)
  4. Trotskyist Organizer David Rosenfeld (Socialist Workers)
Once-Potential 2014 Gubernatorial Candidates:
  1. Ex-Governor Chet Culver (D)
  2. State Senate President Pam Jochum (D)
  3. State Democratic Chair Tyler Olson (D)

  • Iowa Senior US Senator Chuck Grassley (R)
    Class III of 2016
    Agriculture, Budget, Finance, RM Judiciary, Taxation
    2013 HJR 59 (Raise 2014 and 2015 Spending Caps) Vote: No
    2013 Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) Vote: No
    2013 Amend HR 2775 (End Shutdown / Raise Ceiling) Vote: No
    2016 Iowa Candidates for United States Senate:
    1. Iowa Senior US Senator Chuck Grassley (R)
    2. Ex-State Rep, Ex-S.B. Member, Army Veteran Bob Krause (D)
  • Iowa Junior US Senator Tom Harkin (D)
    Class II of 2014
    Agriculture, Appropriations, C Health, Business
    Harkin Retiring. 2014 Iowa US Senate Candidates List:
    1. US Rep, Ex-IA Trial Lawyers Assoc. Pres. Bruce Braley (D)
    2. IA Sen., Ex-Cnty Auditor, Natl Guard Officer Joni Ernst (R)
    3. Physician Doug Butzier (L)
    4. Jerry Carter (I)
    5. Businessman, Ex-Energy Executive Bob Quast (I)
    6. Taxicab Driver, Property Manager Jay Williams (I)
    2014 Iowa US Senate Also-Ran Candidates List:
    1. Radio Show Host, Ret. USAF Officer, Ex-Dean Sam Clovis (R)
    2. Non-Profit Group CEO, Ex-Energy Executive Mark Jacobs (R)
    3. US Rep, Ex-State Senator, Bldg Contractor Steve King (R)
    4. Attorney, 1992 US Rep Nominee Paul Lunde (R)
    5. Car Salesman, Navy Veteran Scott Schaben (R)
    6. Ex-US Atty, Ex-College Football Player Matt Whitaker (R)
    7. Industrial Engnr, '06/'08 Nominee in MN Chuck Aldrich (L)
    Once-Potential 2014 Iowa US Senate Candidates:
    1. Radio Talk Show Host Steve Deace (R)
    2. Iowa Ag Sec., Ex-Natl Corn Growers Pres. Bill Northey (R)
    3. Religious Rightist, Ex-HS Princ. Bob Vander Plaats (R)
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  • Bruce Braley (D) - US Rep for Congressional District 1
    2013 HR 2397 Amendment 413 (Nix NSA Surveillance) Vote: Yes
    Braley Senate Candidate. 2014 District 1 Candidates:
    1. State Rep, Ex-State House Speaker Pat Murphy (D)
    2. Software Co. Owner, R.E. Dev'r, 2xCandidate Rod Blum (R)
    3. Computer Engineer, 2010 Nominee Gary Sicard (L)
    Also-Ran 2014 District 1 Candidates:
    1. Ex-IA Utilities Brd Memb., Ex-State Sen. Swati Dandekar (D)
    2. State Rep, Non-Profit Executive Anesa Kajtazovic (D)
    3. Atty, Ex-US Labor Dept Official, 1988 Nom. Dave O'Brien (D)
    4. C. Rapids Councilwoman, Businesswoman Monica Vernon (D)
    5. Businessman, Gun Rights Activist Steve Rathje (R)
    6. John Deere Employee, 2010 Candidate Jason Welch (R)

  • Dave Loebsack (D) - US Rep for Congressional District 2
    2014 District 2 Election Candidates List:
    1. Congressional District 2 US Rep Dave Loebsack (D)
    2. Ex-State Public Health Director Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R)
    Also-Ran 2014 District 2 Candidates:
    1. State Rep, Financial Consultant Mark Lofgren (R)

  • Tom Latham (R) - US Rep for Congressional District 3
    Latham retiring. 2014 District 3 Election Candidates:
    1. Ex-Chief of Staff to US Senator Grassley David Young (R)
    2. Ex-State Senator, Businesswoman Staci Appel (D)
    3. State Party Chair, Electrical Engr, Veteran Ed Wright (L)
    Also-Ran 2014 District 3 Candidates:
    1. Investment Banker Mike Sherzan (D)

  • Steve King (R) - US Rep for Congressional District 4
    Committees: Agriculture, Judiciary, Business
    2013 HR 3102 NR&WO Act (Cut SNAP / Food Stamps) Vote: Yes
    2013 HR 2397 Amendment 413 (Nix NSA Surveillance) Vote: No
    2014 District 4 Election Candidates List:
    1. Congressional District 4 US Rep Steve King (R)
    2. Iraq War Veteran, Ex-Defense Dept. Official Jim Mowrer (D)
    3. College Student, Iraq War Veteran Forest Johnson (L)
    Once-Potential 2014 District 4 Candidates:
    1. State House Maj. Leader, Nurse Pract’r Linda Upmeyer (R)

  • Iowa Governor, 112th Congress Representatives

    Iowa Governor, 111th Congress Representatives

    Iowa 110th Congress Representatives:

    1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th / 5th

    Governor, Senators and Representatives by State:

    American Politics Guide: US Governors, Senators, and Representatives

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