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2015 Maine Governor, Senators & Representatives
2015 Maine Congressional Districts Map
2015 Maine US Representatives List
2015 Maine US Senators List

New (113th Congress) Maine Congressional Districts Map

Senators List / Representatives List

Maine Governor Paul LePage (R)
2014 Maine Gubernatorial Candidates:
  1. Maine Governor Paul LePage (R)
  2. US Rep, Ex-ME Sen. Pres. PT, Ex-Millworker Mike Michaud (D)
  3. Atty, Ex-Congressional Aide, '10 Candidate Eliot Cutler (I)
  4. Retired Financial Executive Lee Schultheis (I)
Also-Ran 2014 Maine Gubernatorial Candidates:
  1. Yarmouth Town Council Chair, Businessman Steve Woods (D)
  2. Project Engineer Adam Eldridge (I)
  3. Grad Student, Ex-Maliseet Tribal Rep David Slagger (I)
Once-Potential 2014 Gubernatorial Candidates:
  1. Ex-Governor, Ex-US Rep, Restaurant Owner John Baldacci (D)
  2. Ex-US Small Business Administration Dir. Karen Mills (D)
  3. US Rep, Ex-Common Cause President Chellie Pingree (D)

  • Maine Senior US Senator Susan Collins (R)
    Class II of 2014
    Committees: Appropriations, Intelligence, RM Aging
    2014 Maine US Senate Candidates:
    1. Maine US Senator Susan Collins (R)
    2. State ACLU Exec. Dir., Peace Corps Veteran Shenna Bellows (D)
  • Maine Junior US Senator Angus King (I)
    Class I of 2018
    Committees: Armed Services, Budget, Rules, Intelligence
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  • Chellie Pingree (D) - US Rep for Congressional District 1
    2014 District 1 Election Candidates List:
    1. Congressional District 1 US Rep Chellie Pingree (D)
    2. Political Organizer, GOP Activist Isaac Misiuk (R)
    3. Construction Worker, National Guardsman Richard Murphy (I)
  • Mike Michaud (D) - US Rep for Congressional District 2
    Committees: Transportation, RM Veterans
    2013 Amend HR 2775 (End Shutdown / Raise Ceiling) Vote: Yes
    2013 HR 3102 NR&WO Act (Cut SNAP / Food Stamps) Vote: No
    2013 HR 2397 Amendment 413 (Nix NSA Surveillance) Vote: Yes
    Michaud running for Governor. District 2 Election Candidates:
    1. State Senator, Ex-State House Minority Leader Emily Cain (D)
    2. Ex-State Treasurer, Real Estate Developer Bruce Poliquin (R)
    3. Ret. Navy Officer, Tea Party Activist Blaine Richardson (I)
    Also-Ran 2014 District 2 Election Candidates:
    1. State Senate Majority Leader, Logger Troy Jackson (D)
    2. Building Contractor Alden Smith (D)
    3. Ex-State Senate President, Mustard Mill Owner Kevin Raye (R)
    4. Ex-State Senator, Ex-State Rep, Merchant Richard Rosen (R)

  • Maine Governor, 112th Congress Representatives

    Maine Governor, 111th Congress Representatives

    Maine 110th Congress Representatives:

    1st / 2nd

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