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Authors who wish to be listed on Bill's List as Seeking Representation and possibly find work / be discovered should read my terms carefully and confirm agreement by you (and by your Parents or Legal Guardians if you're under 18) with those terms by submitting the form below (afterwards you'll be taken to the confirmation page). (***Note that I am no longer listing all submissions immediately on this site; I review and save all submissions, and might contact you if you're a good fit for an opportunity.***) Images and videos for posting with your listing can be emailed separately to and/or indicated in the Comments box (e.g., just provide Web addresses and give permission for posting).

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Recent Example of a Bill's List Listing
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  • W.R. Hammons, Author of Several Works for Film Adaptation:

    Alternity, a Novel of Alternate History

    • Alternity, a novel of Alternate History
    • Overlord, a Sequel to Alternity
    • The Wanderer, another Sequel to Alternity
    • Farewell, Manhattan, a Novel
    • American Journey, a Memoir
    • Evening Star, a Novella
    • First Star, a Novella
    • Short Stories:
      1. "The Bid"
      2. "The Cherry Tree"
      3. "Colorado Sky"
      4. "The Crevasse"
        • Which side of the Crevasse will Jim Garner jump to?
          Or has the jump already been made for him?
      5. "Death, Life, and Videotape"
      6. "The First Law of Public Relations"
      7. "Loco"
      8. "Returning to Rostov"
      9. "The Running Men"
      10. "The Shot"
      11. "s.t.u.d."
        • Henry Bacon is a college senior who receives a suspiciously lucrative job offer that leads him to Las Vegas. The offer is rescinded as soon as Bacon’s plane lands, and he finds himself stranded in Sin City until a stranger presents a new opportunity...
      12. "Twelfth of Ninth"

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