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Casting Society of America Members

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For Membership in the Casting Society of America, a professional organization for Casting Directors in Film, Television and Theatre in several countries plus the United States, Casting Directors:
  • Must have sponsorship letters from at least two current CSA members
  • Must have two years of screen or stage credit as Primary Casting Director
  • Cannot be a personal Manager

[Among other things, they probably have a solid track record of not sleeping
with Actors or asking for other kinds of favors in exchange for roles.]

Casting Society of America Members:
  1. Kerry Barden, A.A.
  2. Craig Burns, A.A.
  3. Will Cantler
  4. Karyn Casl, A.A.
  5. Ellen Chenoweth, A.A.
  6. Andrew Femenella
  7. Sarah Finn, A.A.
  8. Tamara Hunter
  9. Avy Kaufman, A.A.
  10. Ellen Lewis, A.A.
  11. John Papsidera, A.A.
  12. Paul Schnee, A.A.
  13. Bernard Telsey, A.A.


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