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Members of Congress Ranked by Level of Corruption / Abuse of Power
(1st-10th) / (11th-20th) / (21st-30th) / (31st-40th)

Most Corrupt Members of Congress (Descending Order)


  1. Rob Andrews (D) - US Rep for New Jersey District 1
  2. (Resigned) New Jersey 1st District Representative Rob Andrews (D)
  3. Don Young (R) - US Rep for Alaska's At-Large Congressional District
  4. Alaska 1st District Representative Don Young (R)
  5. Tim Bishop (D) - US Rep for New York District 1
  6. New York 1st District Representative Tim Bishop (D)
  7. Michele Bachmann (R) - US Rep for Minnesota District 6
  8. Minnesota 6th District Representative Michele Bachmann (R)
  9. Vern Buchanan (R) - US Rep for Florida District 16
  10. Florida 16th District Representative Vern Buchanan (R)
  11. Michael Grimm (R) - US Rep for New York District 11
  12. New York 11th District Representative Michael Grimm (R)
  13. Vance McAllister (R) - US Rep for Louisiana District 5
  14. Louisiana 5th District Representative Vance McAllister (R)
  15. Scott DesJarlais (R) - US Rep for Tennessee District 4
  16. Tennessee 4th District Representative Scott DesJarlais (R)
  17. Gregory Meeks (D) - US Rep for New York District 5
  18. New York 5th District Representative Gregory Meeks (D)
  19. Jeff Denham (R) - US Rep for California District 10
  20. California 10th District Representative Jeff Denham (R)
  21. Jared Polis (D) - US Rep for Colorado District 2
  22. Colorado 2nd District Representative Jared Polis (D)
  23. Paul Broun (R) - US Rep for Georgia District 10
  24. Georgia 10th District Representative Paul Broun (R)
  25. Buck McKeon (R) - US Rep for California District 25
  26. California 25th District Representative Buck McKeon (R)
  27. John Tierney (D) - US Rep for Massachusetts District 6
  28. Massachusetts 6th District Representative John Tierney (D)
  29. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D) - US Rep for Texas District 30
  30. Texas 30th District Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson (D)
  31. Sanford Bishop (D) - US Rep for Georgia District 2
  32. Georgia 2nd District Representative Sanford Bishop (D)
  33. Charles Rangel (D) - US Rep for New York District 13
  34. New York 13th District Representative Charles Rangel (D)
  35. Illinois Senator Mark Kirk (R)
  36. Illinois US Senator Mark Kirk (R)
  37. Hal Rogers (R) - US Rep for Kentucky District 5
  38. Kentucky 5th District Representative Hal Rogers (R)
  39. Nancy Pelosi (D) - US Rep for California District 12
  40. California 12th District Representative Nancy Pelosi (D)
  41. John Boehner (R) - US Rep for Ohio District 8
  42. Ohio 8th District Representative John Boehner (R)
  43. Spencer Bachus (R) - US Rep for Alabama District 6
  44. Alabama 6th District Representative Spencer Bachus (R)
  45. Maxine Waters (D) - US Rep for California District 43
  46. California 43rd District Representative Maxine Waters (D)
  47. David Valadao (R) - US Rep for California District 21
  48. California 21st District Representative David Valadao (R)
  49. Joe Barton (R) - US Rep for Texas District 6
  50. Texas 6th District Representative Joe Barton (R)
  51. Darrell Issa (R) - US Rep for California District 49
  52. California 49th District Representative Darrell Issa (R)
  53. Louisiana Senator David Vitter (R)
  54. Louisiana US Senator David Vitter (R)
  55. New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez (D)
  56. New Jersey US Senator Robert Menendez (D)
  57. Stephen Fincher (R) - US Rep for Tennessee District 8
  58. Tennessee 8th District Representative Stephen Fincher (R)
  59. Aaron Schock (R) - US Rep for Illinois District 18
  60. Illinois 18th District Representative Aaron Schock (R)
  61. Nick Rahall (D) - US Rep for West Virginia District 3
  62. West Virginia 3rd District Representative Nick Rahall (D)
  63. Bill Owens (D) - US Rep for New York District 21
  64. New York 21st District Representative Bill Owens (D)
  65. Peter Roskam (R) - US Rep for Illinois District 6
  66. Illinois 6th District Representative Peter Roskam (R)
  67. Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell (R)
  68. Kentucky US Senator Mitch McConnell (R)

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