Bill Hammons: Writing and Running in Boulder, Colo. Politics Guide: Governors, US Senators, Representatives




(Potential Candidates for Races beyond 2016)

  • 2016 Presidential Candidates by General Election Prospects
    1. Michigan US Representative Justin Amash (R)
      • Possibly running to replace retiring Senator Levin in 2014
    2. Actor Alec Baldwin
      • If Hillary Veeps Gillibrand for Chelsea, Baldwin move?
    3. Utah US Representative Jason Chaffetz (R)
      • Could replace Senator Hatch upon retirement (2018?)
      • Could advance as Vice Presidential running mate
      • LDS a powerful force behind any Mormon candidate
    4. Chelsea Clinton
      • Connections, connections and more connections
      • Name recognition counts for almost as much as looks
      • Could run to replace a retiring or Veeped NY Senator
    5. Arkansas US Representative Tom Cotton (R)
      • Running to replace Senator Mark Pryor in 2014
    6. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D)
    7. Talk Show Host Sean Hannity (Conservative)
      • Tax-Free Texas and Florida are also big Springboards
    8. New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich (D)
    9. Yahoo President Marissa Mayer (D)
      • Big donor to Obama and Democratic National Committee
      • Run to replace Dianne Feinstein or Jerry Brown in 2018?
        • Feinstein will be 85 in 2018
        • Paths well-worn by Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman
    10. Colorado US Representative Jared Polis (D)
      • Will need to be elected to Governorship or US Senate first
        • Current Governor Hickenlooper term-limited in 2018
    11. Seahawks Corner Richard Sherman
      • The "thug" shows smarts. Congressman from Compton?
    12. NSA Leaker Edward Snowden


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