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2016 Utah Governor, Senators & Representatives
2016 Utah Congressional Districts Map
2016 Utah US Representatives List
2016 Utah US Senators List

111th Congress:

Gov. Gary Herbert / Sen. Orrin Hatch / Sen. Robert Bennett

Utah's US Representatives:

(Click here for this Guide's Utah Congressional Districts Map)

1st District / 2nd District / 3rd District

Utah 2012 Presidential Partisan Voting Index: R+21

Utah 2010 General Election Date: November 2nd

Utah 2010 Primary Election Date: June 22nd

American Politics Guide: American Governors, Senators, and Representatives

Gary Herbert (R)
Utah Governor

List of 2010 Utah Gov./Lt. Gov. Candidates:

Utah Governor Gary Herbert (R)
Greg Bell (R)

Salt Lake County Mayor, Attorney Peter Corroon (D)
State Rep., Ex-Davis School Board Member, Retired Teacher, Republican Sheryl Allen (D)

Attorney, Ex-Congressional Intern, Frequent Candidate W. Andrew McCullough (L)
Attorney, '06 Washington County Attorney Nominee, '08 State Rep. Nominee Aric Cramer (L)

Utah's United States Senators

Sr. US Senator Orrin Hatch (R)

Class I US Senator (Up for Re-Election in 2012)

Jr. US Senator Bob Bennett (R)

Class III US Senator (Up for Re-Election in 2010)

List of 2010 Utah US Senate Candidates:

Attorney, Ex-Gubernatorial Aide Mike Lee (R)

State Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission Chair, Businessman Sam Granato (D)

Ex-University Administrator, Businessman, Radio Talk Show Host, '06 Nom. Scott Bradley (C)

List of 2010 Utah US Senate Primary Candidates who also ran:

US Senator Bob Bennett (R)

Business Consultant, '02/'04 US Rep. Candidate Tim Bridgewater (R)

Businesswoman, Conservative Activist Cherilyn Eagar (R)

Businessman, Ron Paul Campaign Activist, Army Veteran James Williams (R)

US House Representatives for the State of Utah

(Click here for Utah Congressional Districts Map)

  • Rob Bishop (R) - US Representative for Congressional District 1
  • (Bountiful, Layont, Logan, Ogden, Roy, and Tooele Utah)

    (District's 2008 Partisan Voting Index: R+22)

    List of 2010 Candidates for Congressional District 1:

    US Representative Rob Bishop (R)

    Mormon Seminary Teacher, Ex-Corporate Executive, '08 Nominee Morgan Bowen (D)

    Home Builder, Ex-GOP Activist, '08 Nominee, '06 State Sen. Nominee Kirk Pearson (C)

    Jared Paul Stratton (L)

  • Jim Matheson (D) - US Representative for Congressional District 2
  • (Moab, Saint George, Salt Lake City, Sandy, and Vernal Utah)

    (District's 2008 Partisan Voting Index: R+17)

    List of 2010 Candidates for Congressional District 2:

    US Representative Jim Matheson (D)

    Ex-State Rep., Ex-State GOP Vice Chair, Attorney Morgan Philpot (R)

    Computer Systems Administrator, IT Manager Randall Hinton (C)

    Businessman Dave Glissmeyer (I)

    Frequent Candidate Wayne Hill (I)

    List of 2010 Utah District 2 Primary Candidates who also ran:

    Ph.D. Candidate, Ron Paul Campaign Activist Casey Anderson (R)

    Medical Technologist Ryan Kelly (I)

  • Jason Chaffetz (R) - US Representative for Congressional District 3
  • (Orem, Provo, Richfield, and West Valley City Utah)

    (District's 2008 Partisan Voting Index: R+26)

    List of 2010 Candidates for Congressional District 3:

    US Representative Jason Chaffetz (R)

    Attorney, Professor, Rancher Karen Hyer (D)

    Marketing Executive Douglas Sligting (C)

    Businessman, Hypnotist, Inventor Jake Shannon (L)

    Media Company Owner, Film Producer, Navy Veteran Joe Puente (I)

    Utah Representatives and Senators, 110th Congress

    Governors, Senators and Representatives by State:

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