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2015 Vermont Governor, Senators & Representatives
2015 Vermont Congressional Districts Map
2015 Vermont US Representatives List
2015 Vermont US Senators List

Gov. Jim Douglas / Sen. Patrick Leahy / Sen. Bernard Sanders

Vermont's US Representative:

Vermont At-Large Congressional District

Vermont 2012 Presidential Partisan Voting Index: D+13

Vermont 2010 General Election Date: November 2nd

Vermont 2010 Primary Election Date: August 24th

American Politics Guide: American Governors, Senators, and Representatives

Jim Douglas (R)
Vermont Governor

Governor Douglas retiring. 2010 Vermont Governor Candidates List:

Lt. Governor, Pilot, National Guard Officer Brian Dubie (R)

State Senate President Pro Tempore, Ex-State Rep., '02 Lt. Governor Nominee Peter Shumlin (D)

Teacher, Socialist Activist, '04 US Sen. Nominee, '08 Lt. Gov. Nominee Ben Mitchell (Liberty Union)

Paralegal, Marijuana Legalization Activist, Frequent Candidate Cris Ericson (Marijuana)

State Party Chair, Ex-Burlington City Councilor, Tax Preparer, '08 State Auditor Nom. Martha Abbott (Progressive)

Businessman, Online Radio Station Owner, Army Vet, Seccessionist Activist Dennis Steele (Second VT Republic)

Ben Johnson (Working Families)

Business Consultant Dan Feliciano (I)

Em Peyton (I)

2010 Vermont Governor Primary Candidates who also ran:

State Sen., Educator, Businesswoman Susan Bartlett (D)

Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Ex-AmeriCorps National Director, '06 Lt. Gov. Nominee Matt Dunne (D)

Secretary of State, Attorney Deb Markowitz (D)

State Sen., Ex-Lt. Governor, Auto Dealer, '02 Nominee Doug Racine (D)

Vermont's US Senators

Sr. US Senator Patrick Leahy (D)

Class III US Senator (Up for Re-Election in 2010)

2010 Vermont US Senate Candidates List:

US Senator Patrick Leahy (D)

Lumber Store Owner, Ex-Movie Screenwriter Len Britton (R)

Socialist Activist, Frequent Candidate Peter Diamondstone (Liberty Union)

Paralegal, Marijuana Legalization Activist, Frequent Candidate Cris Ericson (Marijuana)

State Party Co-Chair Rick Russell (Working Families)

Stephen Cain (I)

Physician, Navy Veteran Daniel Freilich (I)

Farmer, Correctional Officer, Teacher, National Guard Veteran Johenry Nunes (I)

2010 Vermont US Senate Primary Candidates who also ran:

Furniture Company Worker, Ex-Warehouse Manager John LaPierre Jr. (I)

Jr. US Senator Bernard Sanders (I)

Class I US Senator (Up for Re-Election in 2012)

US House Representative for the State of Vermont

  • Peter Welch (D) - US Representative for Vermont's At-Large Congressional District

    2010 Vermont At-Large District Candidates List:

    US Representative Peter Welch (D)

    Ex-Radio Talk Show Host, Conservative Activist Paul Beaudry (R)

    Retired Nurse, Socialist Activist, Frequent Candidate Jane Newton (Liberty Union)

    Accountant, State Party Vice-Chair Sheila Coniff (Working Families)

    Retired Teacher, Writer, Thomas Jefferson Impersonator, '94 Gov. Cand. Gus Jaccaci (I)

    List of 2010 Vermont At-Large District Candidates who also ran:

    Teacher Dan Weintraub (D)

    Vermont Representatives and Senators, 110th Congress

    Governors, Senators and Representatives by State:

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