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Senator Lisa Murkowski

Independent US Senator from Alaska

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Senator Murkowski is a Class III US Senator (Up for Re-Election in 2016)

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Noteworthy Lisa Murkowski News:

  • In 2008, Murkowski amended her Senate financial disclosures for 2004 through 2006, adding income of $60,000 per year from the sale of a property in 2003, and more than $40,000 a year from the sale of a company in 2005
  • In July 2007, Murkowski stated she would sell back land she bought from Anchorage businessman Bob Penney after the Anchorage Daily News noted, "The transaction amounted to an illegal gift"
  • Republicans for Environmental Protection issued Murkowski a rating of 2% for the 109th Congress
  • The League of Conservation Voters rated Murkowski at 11% on environmental issues for 2003
  • Murkowski's December 2002 Senate appointment by her father Governor Frank Murkowski resulted in a referendum which stripped Alaska's Governors of the power to directly appoint replacement Senators
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