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US Senators List / US Representatives List

1st Congressional District

Alaska Governor Bill Walker (I)
Alaska Governor Bill Walker

2018 Alaska Gubernatorial Candidates:
  1. Alaska Governor Bill Walker (I)


Alaska Senior US Senator Lisa Murkowski (R)
US Senator Lisa Murkowski

Class III of 2016
Contact Info, Voting Record
Committees: Appropriations, RM Energy, Health, Indian
2013 Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) Vote: Yes
2013 Amend HR 2775 (End Shutdown / Raise Ceiling) Vote: Yes
2016 Alaska US Senate Election Candidates List:
  1. Alaska US Senator Lisa Murkowski (R)
  2. Tea Party Activist, 2xWrite-In Candidate Karen Perry (R)

Alaska Junior US Senator Dan Sullivan (R)
US Senator Dan Sullivan

Class II of 2020
2020 Alaska US Senate Election Candidates List:
  1. Alaska US Senator Dan Sullivan (R)

Alaska Congressional Districts Map

State of Alaska Congressional Districts

  • Don Young (R) - US Rep for Congressional District 1
    US Representative Don Young

  • (Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, College, Sitka, Ketchikan,
    Knik-Fairview, Kenai, Lakes, Kodiak, Kalifornsky, Bethel,
    Wasilla, Eielson AFB, Douglas, Tanaina, Meadow Lakes, Sterling,
    Barrow, Palmer, Nikiski, Unalaska Island, Valdez, Homer,
    Soldotna, Nome, Petersburg, Kotzebue, Gateway, Seward,
    Big Lake, Butte, Dillingham, Cordova, Wrangell, Fishhook)

    ***Listed as One of Most Corrupt Members of Congress***

    Contact Info, Voting Record
    Committees: Resources, Transportation
    2013 Amend HR 2775 (End Shutdown / Raise Ceiling) Vote: Yes
    2013 HR 3102 NR&WO Act (Cut SNAP / Food Stamps) Vote: No
    2013 HR 2397 Amendment 413 (Nix NSA Surveillance) Vote: Yes
    2016 District 1 Election Candidates List:
    1. Congressional District 1 US Rep Don Young (R)

    Alaska Governor, 113th Congress Representatives
    Alaska Governor, 112th Congress Representatives
    Alaska Governor, 111th Congress Representatives
    Alaska 110th Congress Representatives

    Governor, Senators and Representatives by State:

    American Politics Guide: US Governors, Senators, and Representatives

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