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American Politics Guide: Why You Should Use It

Thanks for visiting my American Politics Guide! You should use my Guide before any others, for the first and most simple reason that my American Politics Guide has more and more useful information than any other political website out there. The term "American Politics" is used here as a synonym for "Federal Politics"; in Bill Hammons' American Politics Guide you can find any member of Congress (Senator or US Representative) by State, town, city, or Nationalatlas.gov map (Nationalatlas.gov is a service of the US Government); you can look up Congressional Committee assignments; you can see who else is running for a given Congressional seat in the next election; you can see each State and Congressional District's Partisan Voting Index, juxtaposed (in the case of Congressional Districts) with relevant maps. And you can also find a list of current Supreme Court Justices as well as a list of possible 2012 Presidential contenders along with recent Electoral College information. In short, you can get a detailed overview of the American political landscape from Bill Hammons' American Politics Guide that you can't find anywhere else.

The second reason that you should use my Guide is that, unlike most political commentators out there, I've run for political office myself (for Colorado's 2nd Congressional District in 2008, against Jared Polis, as the first Unity Party of America Congressional candidate). It remains to be seen where and when I'll run again (and when I do, I won't be able to announce my run here), but in the meantime I'm throwing my passion for politics and insider's knowledge of the game into my American Politics Guide. Enjoy!

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