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Ellingwood Point, Colorado

Ellingwood Point's Elevation: 14,042 Feet

Ellingwood Point's Rank Among Colorado's Fourteeners in Terms of Elevation: #42

Ellingwood Point is located in the Sangre de Cristo Range of mountains

Ellingwood Point is considered walkable

Best months for climbing Ellingwood Point are June through September

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Ellingwood Point, with an elevation of 14,042 feet, is the 42nd highest Fourteener in the state of Colorado. It was only recently recognized as a true Fourteener, and most hikers climb Blanca Peak first.

From the interserction of Colorado highways 160 and 150 east of the town of Alamosa, head north on 150 for 3.1 miles. Turn right onto a road just after the 3-mile marker; you'll pass a Wilderness area sign after a quarter of a mile and can continue as far as your vehicle will allow. Then continue on foot up the road and through several switchbacks to a valley floor, passing several abandoned buildings along the way. Soon the scenery will improve (the abandoned buildings will replaced by alpine lakes), and Little Bear Peak will look down from the right. Ascend the small headwall at the end of the valley, and head left to climb the Point. Stay to the left of the false summit.


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