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The Senator smiled instantly, and launched into the long list of policy points she had indeed memorized. The President did his best to not look bored, but Wade didn't hide anything, savoring the off-camera moment and ignoring the frown from the woman he loved.

"...So what we need are more community-based solutions, more involvement from our citizens, more choice at the local level as to whether communities should be forced to accept fossilized energy."

Andrews allowed that blast of stale air to make its way past, then swiveled ever so-slightly in the direction of the President of the United States. "Mister President, do you believe in Climate Change?"

The President took in a suck of air. "The climate is constantly changing, Carter, for better or for worse. The world is constantly changing, which is why this nation needs a steady hand in the White House."

Andrews pressed forward on his desk. "We are experiencing severe drought throughout most of the country. American citizens are starting to migrate to Canada. Mexican citizens are starting to overwhelm our southern border. A hurricane just destroyed the city of Houston. But you won't use the phrase 'climate change.'"

Perry flashed a smile. "The President of the United States is not God, Carter," he declared, prompting the first round of real laughter. "While I feel heartfelt compassion for the folks on the Gulf Coast, I had no power over Hurricane Wendy. As all the Wendys of America know, I don't even have power over the storm naming system." The laughter against the backdrop of three thousand recent dead was still there, but lighter that second round.


Free New World, Chapter I:

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