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Andrews sighed. "And yet you ignored my references to our twin emigration and immigration problems. There is clear evidence that both problems are related to Climate Change."

The President now displayed a flash of sternness. "The only thing clear is that we need to secure our southern border more than ever and Congress needs to give me the funding to do so." The third round of applause was the loudest of them yet.

Andrews displayed the sigh and sight of the middle-aged man who had seen it all in politics, just staring blankly at Perrry, then just moved on and left. "Senator, you outlined your proposed solutions for Climate Change, but what about the economy? What about these seven consecutive quarters of economic contraction, and what would you, as President, do to turn the American economy around?"

The Senator from the "Right Washington," as her last Senatorial campaign's media had referred to her and the national media now mockingly referred to her, smiled her soft, mother-of-two smile for the cameras. "Community, Carter, it's all about Communities, and not Corporations. This country, this nation, needs to get back to its roots. Community farms need to be encouraged to make up for the drop in agriculture, unemployment insurance and health care need to be expanded to do good for our economy while doing right by our fellow Community members-"

"Root word of Communism."

A roomful of laughter.

"Mister President, you'll get your chance to-"


Free New World, Chapter I:

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