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At that moment, from the stage which was left, the bullet entered and exited Octavia Wakeland's brain before continuing its journey and lodging itself firmly in the right temple of Robert Perry. Wade's central lectern had been set back from the other two, putting him out of the path of the bullet which was now causing a stream of blood to spurt out of the hole in the front of the still-standing US President's head.

The thud of Senator Wakeland's body hitting the stage like a felled timber felt so incongruous that almost no one seemed to notice.

Wade was still too stunned to crouch behind his lectern or otherwise move, and was still standing ironically Presidential as a man clad all in black, baseball cap included, strode onto the stage with his rifle trained squarely on the debate moderator.

The Man in Black started speaking the moment he came under the glare of the klieg lights. "Ladies and Gentlemen of America, this isn't democracy anymore. America has been hijacked by those who mean to do the rest of us harm. Those people are-"

The Man in Black's sentence was cut short when a bullet was planted in his own right temple, presumably by another unseen man in black. Now the screams in the auditorium were absolute, and Wade had the best standing view as the Presidential assassin keeled over, rifle still in hands, to land alongside the man he had just killed himself.

"You should come with us, sir."


Free New World, Chapter I:

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