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State Sen., Ex-State Rep. Bob Gibbs

2010 Republican Candidate for US Congress

Ohio's 18th Congressional District

(Chillicothe, Mt. Vernon, New Philadelphia, Newark, and Zanesville Ohio)

(District's 2008 Partisan Voting Index: R+6)

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The 2010 Candidates for Ohio Congressional District 18 include:

US Representative Zack Space (D)

State Sen., Ex-State Rep. Bob Gibbs (R)

2010 Ohio District 18 Primary Candidates who also ran include:

Businessman Patrick Carlisle (R)

Ex-State Agriculture Director, Cattle Rancher, Vietnam War Veteran, '08 Nominee Fred Dailey (R)

Ex-Guernsey County Court of Common Pleas Magistrate, '08 Candidate Jeanette Moll (R)

Ohio's 18th Congressional District

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