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Grays Peak, Colorado

Grays Peak's Elevation: 14,270 Feet

Grays Peak's Rank Among Colorado's Fourteeners in Terms of Elevation: #9

Grays Peak is located along the Front Range

Grays Peak is considered walkable

Best months for climbing Grays Peak are June through September

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Grays Peak, with its elevation of 14,270 feet, is the ninth highest peak in the state of Colorado, as well as the highest peak on the Continental Divide within the Continental United States. Due to its proximity to both Denver and I-70, Grays and neighboring Torreys Peak are two of the most popular (and thus crowded) of Colorado's Fourteeners. Botanist Charles C. Parry, the first man to ascend the summit, named the peak in 1861 after his colleague Asa Gray.

Stevens Gulch (from the northeast) is the most popular of several easy routes to the summit. Many hikers use this well-marked and heavily-traveled trail to ascend Grays Peak before descending to the 13,707-foot high saddle with Torreys (which is less than a mile distant), and then climbing that second peak before returning for a round trip of eight miles. To reach the trailhead, take I-70 West from Denver to Bakerville, then take Stevens Gulch Road south 2.5 miles to the Stevens Gulch Trailhead. Follow the gulch for a slow climb which will become steeper near the summit.


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