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Alternity, a Novel of Alternate History

Alternity, Page 3

“I’m aware that you may be moving on soon. Where, I have no idea, and that’s really none of my business.” Now Lewis leaned over in Halstead’s direction and placed his hands on the projector. “What is my business is seeing to it that all of my professors have their course plans into my office on time.”

Halstead leaned back. “Well, Colonel, if you know what I’m doing, then you know—”

“I don’t know what, but I do know when,” Lewis pointed out with a slight nod of his head and shoulders. “I know this spring is going to be twenty years for you.” He straightened his back and looked out the window with his hands behind him, unaware of his fellow officer’s look of sudden confusion. “I know how it is, Colonel: you’ve been doing the same thing since the Gulf War, you start making plans for your next life, and the little details don’t seem so important anymore. You’ve done your bit for your country, and now it’s time to start drawing that pension and see what can be done for Adam Halstead.” He looked back with a paternal smile. “Am I right?”

Halstead returned the smile with a forced sheepishness. “Of course. I’ve been getting ahead of myself, haven’t I?”

Lewis gave a slight nod of his head and turned to head back toward the door. “Don’t worry about it, Colonel. Just get next semester’s plans in my office before the week’s up.”

“Will do, Colonel,” Halstead replied to his superior’s departing back. “Colonel?”

Lewis turned around to stand beside the illuminated silver screen. “Yes?”

Halstead took a step forward, to stand beside the projector and stare some more at the vision on the screen. “How would you have fought World War Two? What would you have done to win it, if you were the other side? If you were the Germans?”

Lewis glanced at the splotches of darkness in the center of the screen, being devoured by the colors of light on all sides. “Won it? I wouldn’t’ve started it. Get those lesson plans to me, Colonel.” He marched out of the room, leaving Halstead alone with his fantasies once more.

Alternity, Chapter I:

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