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Alternity, a Novel of Alternate History

Alternity, Page 5

The chopsticks reached for a piece of sushi. “I was hoping I was special.”

Wally returned the grin and set the empty cup down. “Oh, you’re special. But I still can’t say what I’m working on.”

“Okay.” Stacy stopped the conversation to chew and swallow. “At least tell me what you’re doing for Christmas.”

“I fly back home on Friday. And you?”

“Same, though my brother’s picking me up and we’re driving back.” Stacey reached into the top of the knapsack she had set on the seat beside her and reached for the water bottle that was within.

“What’s Manhattan like this time of year?”

Stacey stopped to consider the question. “Very nice, everything considered. Very Christmasy.”

“Sounds nice.”

“You should come visit sometime.” She washed down the latest piece of her dinner with a swallow of designer water. “How’s Chicago?”

Wally played with the straw of his consumed shake, scraping the bottom of the cup. “Oak Park isn’t quite Chicago. It’s quiet.” He stared out at the silent snow drifting down on all beyond the window. Then he smiled. “It’s Christmasy. In its own way.”

“Oak Park. Hemingway lived there, right?”

“Ah yes, the English major.” Wally stopped playing with the straw and leaned back from the cup. “He lived just down the street.”

Alternity, Chapter I:

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