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Alternity, a Novel of Alternate History

Alternity, Page 6


Wally and Stacey pulled to a stop in front of Monroe Hall, one of the traditional freshman dorms. Wally slid his hands deep into the side pockets of his parka. “We probably won’t see each other again before the holidays.”

Stacey held a notebook tight to her bosom as she beamed up at him. “Well, I hope you have a safe flight home.”

“Thanks. You have a safe drive.”

“You still won’t tell me what you’re doing?”

Wally looked into the pair of blue eyes framed by blond hair, and exhaled a cloud of frosted vapor. “Time travel.”

The smile disappeared from Stacey’s face. “You don’t have to make fun of me, Wally.”

“I’m serious. We’re working on time travel.”

Stacey looked away from her escort. “Merry Christmas, Wally. See you in Two Thousand Two.”

Wally reached out a feeble arm, and called out to the withdrawing figure. “Stacey!”

His date did not respond as she disappeared through the front entrance of Monroe Hall.

Alternity, Chapter I:

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