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Chapter VIII

“Wally, are you in there?”

Wally shot up from the haunches he had been crouching on while inspecting the thermometer of one of the four stills sitting on the dirt floor of Phineas Peabody’s barn. Wally raised the glass-and-rubber goggles protecting his eyes from the fumes, and gaped at Sally. “How’dj you find me?”

Sally pushed the barn door closed after her and played with the hem of a dress she had bought in New York the month before as she approached the man and his stills. “I followed you, silly.” She scanned the contraptions with an amused and unsurprised smile. “I see you’ve been working hard evenings and Saturday afternoons.” She brushed back a lock of hair and set her hands on her hips. “How’d you convince Mister Peabody to loan you his barn?”

Wally pulled the goggles completely off his head and smiled sheepishly. “Money talks, especially to a retired old farmer.” He looked over his ongoing handiwork. “He didn’t ask any questions, and I didn’t give him any answers.” A gurgling in one of the vats drew his attention back to his project. “I’ve got just the right recipe down.” He leaned over to inspect a glass vat that was filling with a clear liquid. “Just the right recipe for just the right customer.”


The distiller stood up once more. “Yeah?”

Sally locked her hands behind her back and started to walk around the still that had been stealing Wally’s attention. “Do you really think this is such a good idea?”

“What, home distillation? Of course I do. This is a great opportunity, to get in on the action before anyone else does.”


“Yeah?” The man still in overalls and rubber gloves watched with wide eyes as the young woman in gingham pulled closer than ever, to within several inches of his taller frame.

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