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Alternity, a Novel of Alternate History

The Crevasse, Page 2

Jim slipped out of bed, pulled the covers back onto his own side as if he were laying something to rest, and staggered through the dining room to the kitchen. His head hurt badly, and he needed an aspirin. He opened the cabinet nearest the fridge and fumbled with the bottle which he pulled from within. Then he started to reach for the fridge door to get some milk, decided against the effort, and swallowed the two pills dry.

The woken leaned his sweaty forehead against the coolness of the fridge and took three long, deep breaths. After a further wait, he finally opened the fridge's door and pulled out the last Heineken of the pack of six which had been sitting in the cold for that number of weeks.

The first swallow reached his throat at the border between kitchen and dining room, and Jim lowered the bottle from his lips as he entered the living room. He sat himself upon the black leather couch Shelly had bought to go with the black dining room table and with the big black screen tv which dominated the living room. Black was his mind.


The Crevasse by W.R. Hammons:

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