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The Crevasse, Page 7

Jim looked back upon his existence, the books and the romances that had faded away. The work, the tremendous amount of work, which had filled his life. It filled, yet it wasn't filling, for nothing can satiate true emptiness. Emptiness can only be filled by that which one loves.

Jim stepped back inside, and softly slid the door shut behind him. He strode through the living and dining rooms and into the small study he used for late night paperwork sessions. Yes, he would have a paperwork session that night.

The computer came on, and its screen lit up the blackness of the room. A new file, and he made his leap.

Leaping, leaping, leaping into the air after the ledge. Chasing a ledge Oh God chasing a ledge. Don't look down Oh God don't look down at the Chasm beneath...It's coming it's coming it's coming the Ledge is coming back to meet my feet, my feet light and flying in the air...

The Crevasse by W.R. Hammons:

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