Bill Hammons: Writing and Running in Boulder, Colorado

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...Howard, to all appearances, underwent dramatic personality changes sometime in early February. He has been reprimanded by his supervisor for failure to follow employee guidelines. Specifically, Howard carried his sidearm through an employee screening point, setting off the metal detector. The following day, he pulled his sidearm and put it in the face of a baggage handler who attempted to enter a restricted area without the proper pass. This was an inappropriate response to a non-belligerent action and could have been grounds for termination.

The subject has also engaged in less serious, yet still odd, behavior, according to his supervisor: he could not remember the location of his employee locker nor its security combination, remember miscellaneous codes to obtain access to various parts of the airport complex, etc. He successfully passed his last urinalysis, though the same supervisor has ordered a K-9 unit into the employee locker rooms to search for possible narcotics...

"Still staring at the screen!"

Bettmann rocked forward out of his chair and shot up straight. "I thought you left."

"Forgot my umbrella," Peters explained as he held the item aloft, "it's a freezing rain out there."

"Good night, then," Bettmann bid him with a blank stare through his glasses.

Peters tipped his hat to Bettmann silently, then disappeared beyond the doorjamb. He was back in view, though, a few moments later. "What're you doing reading an FBI report from Miami, anyway? That ain't the Middle East, my friend."

"Reading up on a report about an airport security guard. Several men with Afghan passports arrived at Miami International on different flights at the same time." Bettmann had sat back down and was staring at the pages of his book once more.

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