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"Yes, we've met," Lisa affirmed for both herself and Madison while glaring at Brad.

Suzanna's date had registered no recognition of her two friends, but then lit up with a smile. "How are you two?"

"Fine," Maddy replied for the both of them.

"Nice to see you maintaining your 'objectivity,'" Lisa observed.

Brad stood speechless in the silence. Then Suzanna was taking her date by the arm. "It's probably best we be going. See you back at the hotel."

"Nice seeing you again," Brad offered with a small wave goodbye as he was pulled in the direction of the amusement park's nearest exit. The two friends of Suzanna's were waving to her, and then they were out of sight behind the dense weekend crowd of park visitors.

"Are your friends always that friendly?"

"Don't give it too much thought. Just a couple of catty females upset because you asked me out insteaduv one of them." Suzanna released his arm. "They told me you interviewed them on agency business--"

"I could tell you--"

"But then you'd have to kill me. Right." Suzanna smiled and shook her head at an actor in a costume propositioning the two of them for a photograph.

"So what do you think about seafood?"

"I think that sounds great. Where do you have in mind?"

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