Bill Hammons: Writing and Running in Boulder, Colorado

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A pair of red lips brushed William's right ear. "I also have nothing on underneath."

A trembling hand gripped a steel corner of the luggage scanner as the other hand pushed a button and re-started the conveyor belt.

"What about Brad?"

A manicured hand slid down William's clip-on tie. "Brad's going through the passenger checkpoint." The hand slid down even further. "Isn't there someplace private nearby?"

William looked to his left, for others who might approach, and gave her the back of his head.

"Hurry, William. It's now or never. I always like to do it with some handsome fellow before I do something dangerous."

"Follow me. And let's take your bags with us." William almost jumped out of his highchair and snatched a bag of his companion's in each hand before carrying both the twenty feet to a storage closet on the secure side of his assigned checkpoint.

William reached for her after slapping both bags on the floor of the closet and closing the door behind the two of them. His tongue was in her mouth in a repulsive kiss in an instant, and his partner pulled away instinctively, only to be caught between his erection and a wall.

As her companion licked her neck and forced her legs up above his hips, Korsakova's thoughts drifted to something pleasant, to her family's ancestral village, untouched by the wars of men in all the years that their wars existed. It was when he reached for the knot of her blouse that she pushed him away and placed both feet firmly on the floor. "I don't think we should do this."

"What do you mean?"

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