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The president smiled at his daughter, and nodded at an aide who had popped his head in to announce the arrival of the ambassador from the European Union. "He's already been promoted. And his team's boarding a C-5 for the South Pacific as we speak to inspect Dedender's private little island."

"Perhaps we could send our own clones to another star, ones who keep replicating themselves until they get there. Alpha Crucis is the next choice."

Goodall kept smiling as he led his daughter out of the Oval Office. "There will always be another star, won't there?"

Lisa Goodall allowed the door to be opened for her by her father. "Let's just hope. Good night, daddy." She kissed him on the cheek and disappeared through the open portal.

President Goodall stared at a blank patch of white wall. "Yes, let's just hope."

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