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It was after Bettmann had been flipped over onto his back that his "masseuse" reached for both his wrists and pulled the attached limbs over his head. The subject opened his mouth to question her action, but was silenced by a kiss on the lips and then the placing of a pair of large breasts (encased within a thin cotton top) over his mouth.

Bettmann was so distracted by this last move that he didn't notice tbe handcuffs until their cool metal was snug around both his wrists. Cry out he did not, since his Bangkok Becky pressed her bosom even more forcefully against his mouth. He eventually ceased resistance, and resigned himself to playing along, just before a piece of duct tape replaced her breasts.

Bettmann attempted a muffled scream, and attempted to slide off the table, but found himself pinned to it by the body resting firmly on top of him.

"Shhh," the woman sounded in the semi-darkness, and she began to massage him once more, even as he bucked underneath her in protest. Bettmann attempted to kick her in the head, but she merely turned herself around and sat erect on his neck, leaning over his face and arms and smiling down at him.

It was at this point that the young woman reached for a syringe hidden in a drawer beneath the massage tabletop, as well as a cotton pad and a bottle of peroxide which she set behind one of her customer's ears. Bettmann's captor cooed more "Shhh"'s, and then she was assuring him in broken English, as she slid the needle inside one of his extended arms, that he would enjoy the effect.

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