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Goodall sucked the cold January air into his lungs as he gazed out upon the teeming masses of Unity Party of America faithfuls who had gathered for his second inauguration. He glanced at the Washington Monument for strength, then looked down into the crowd and spoke.

"All Americans." Goodall spread his arms wide for the crowd and the cameras, then slowly lowered them. "Chief Justice of the United States." Goodall looked to his left, at the justice. "President Gorman." Goodall looked to his right, at his sulking predecessor of four years previous. "It is a tremendous privilege and honor to be standing here before you today, on the steps of the nation's new Capitol," Goodall tried to utter the word 'new' nonchalantly, but a tremor which every listener listened for passed through his voice, "to be inaugurated as the leader of a great nation for the second time." Now the cheering was louder than before.

President Goodall held both arms out before himself in a silencing gesture which his followers had long ago become familiar with, and the cheering subsided to allow the party founder to continue his address. "With all due humility, I will take the Unity Party victory of last November as a mandate for continued change." More cheering, brief this time. "I will take my own re-election, the re-election of several of my party's congressmen and -women, and the election of several of our party colleagues to positions vacated by the new congressional term limits, as a signal from the American people to its leaders that they desire even more reforms." Goodall paused to allow the cheering to subside naturally.

"People of America, this nation has found the right road, and will continue to trudge that road through rain and shine, through war and peace, through poverty and prosperity!" Pause. "It is unwise to judge one's forebears unless one has walked the same path as they, but suffice it to say that this nation found the wrong road many years ago. Suffice it to say that the chronic deficit spending of war time, during wars hot and cold, caught up with us in peace time. Suffice it to say that the unfettered flow of cash into political campaigns rotted our system of government to the core. And, suffice it to say that the unfettered destruction of the environment may still yet destroy us, even as we continue to change our ways for the better.

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