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“Yes, you do, and that’s been critical to our success so far. Keep it up, no phallic allusions intended, and you’ll have your pick of young, beautiful wives sent here by their rich, elderly husbands. Like tonight’s guest. The specialists who are hired after you will have to pay their dues with the old and fat ones.”

Henry reached for the headshot Cohn had pulled from a folder and slid across the desk. The photo was of a beautiful blonde Henry’s age. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

Cohn sighed and exhaled. “I tried to. Get ready for dinner: Mrs. Robinson’s limo will be arriving any minute.”

Henry tossed the print back on the desk. “Mrs. Robinson: that’s a good one. One more thing, Larry.”

“Try me.”

“How much did you pay Nancy Carter to leave me stranded in Vegas so that you could sink your claws into me?”

Cohn returned a cool stare. “Nothing. Let’s just say we worked together at an institution of higher learning a few years back, which also happens to be where I had access to certain test scores.”

Henry said nothing more, and just turned to walk out of the room.


“So you must be Dick.”

Henry smiled down at the beauty who had risen from the couch upon his arrival in the room. “Yes, and you must be Elaine.”

Elaine gave a cool smile. “I must be. First, I have to say this is a little awkward. My husband talked me into this, like he’s done a lot of things, and I didn’t really want to come down here, I mean no offense--”



“It’s okay. Everyone’s awkward their first time here. Will you have a glass of wine?”


“Yeah, well, Larry’s back home for the night.” Henry walked to the edge of the couch and reached behind it to retrieve a bottle of white he had placed there in an ice bucket that afternoon. “Perfectly chilled.” He reached down a second time, for two glasses.

Elaine waited until he had pulled the cork to ask, “How long have you been doing this?”

“How many women have I slept with, you mean.” Henry handed her a filled glass. “Not many: this operation only got started two months ago.”

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