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“Yeah, Larry.”

The door was pushed open to reveal Elaine Robinson. “If you want Larry instead, I can get him for you.”

Henry returned the smile sheepishly and closed the laptop as he rose from his chair. “No, I think I prefer you. You’re early.”

Elaine walked to the center of the room with her mink coat still wrapped tightly about her. “We caught the jet stream.” She looked down at the laptop. “I interrupted your writing.”

Henry glanced back at the closed computer. “No, I wasn’t writing. I thought you were coming from Chicago.”

Elaine looked around the room. “I had some things to do in L.A. You keep this room so tidy.” Her stare rested on the bed. “But then again, you probably don’t sleep much here, do you?”

“No, not much.” Henry headed for the door. “What do you say we go for a walk?”

“It’s freezing outside.”

“Then I’ll put on a coat.”


“Do you ever leave this place, Henry?”

Henry shivered against a cold, bitter wind that blew from the northeast. “Not much to leave for: Mirage Springs isn’t much to talk about, and Cohn doesn’t give me enough time or money to get away.”

Elaine allowed the wind to blow the hair from her face as she held her coat tightly about herself. “If it’s not for the money, what are you doing here?”

“For the stock options.” Henry burrowed his hands deeper in the pockets of his jacket. “And the chance to take a breather.”

“And what do you plan to do after you’ve caught your breath?”

Henry turned to his client of the evening and managed a smile. “You know as much as I do.”


“Tell me about your husband.”

“What do you want me to tell you?” Elaine rolled over onto her back.

“Was this his idea?”

Elaine laughed in the darkness. “Oh yes. Roger always has crazy ideas. First he talked me into going out with him, then he talked me into marrying him, then he talked me into trying to have children.”

“But he couldn’t.”

“No, he couldn’t. Low sperm count. He found out from the doctors back in July, then he heard about you on the radio.”

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