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Written something that you think is worth publishing? To the left are links to lists of possible publishers, representatives, and editors of your work. The publishers of short fiction below are sorted into categories by word limit, then arranged within each category alphabetically. Unlike other lists out there, Bill's List gets right to the point: the publication listings include concrete criteria and many of the listings include a few examples of past projects. Looking over the listings, you'll see immediately who takes what and what their interests are. Best of luck, writers, and remember: be polite, be professional, and be sure to tell 'em W.R. Hammons sent you!

Please note that every literary agent on Bill's List has sold (or has at least attempted to sell) a title directly to a U.S. publisher (i.e., these agents are mostly based in the U.S., but you will find an occasional U.K.-based agent, identified by his or her "UNITED KINGDOM" address, who might be worth contacting for possible representation in the American market).

Alternity, an Alternate History Novel

Amazon, BN, Borders

Short Fiction (i.e., Magazines)

6,000-Word Limit
7,000-Word Limit
7,500-Word Limit
8,000-Word Limit
12,000-Word Limit
14,000-Word Limit
25,000-Word Limit
Other Short Fiction

If you're an agent, an editor, or just someone interested in sharing useful information, feel free to email me with the latest updates on comings, goings, etc. Due to the fact that posting an email address on the web makes it ripe for spamming, no email address will be posted on this site unless its proprietor specifically requests it and/or it's the only contact information available.

Do you have questions or concerns regarding a particular agent? I'm hesitant to make any recommendations regarding an agent or agency, but you might want to click here and check out the Assocation of Authors' Representatives and their Canon of Ethics for what you should reasonably expect in your dealings with a literary agent and/or agency.

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