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Hey, somebody has to break the news. The following is a list of literary agents who have been reported as deceased. Of course, the whole idea behind Bill's List is that author representation is about individuals helping individuals, and no representative can ever be replaced, but you could still approach an agent at the same agency (to some extent, birds of a feather do flock together when those flocks are literary agencies). Be sure to also check out my list of retired literary agents.

Listed with each agent is their last agency of record.

  • James Allen, a literary agent in Milford, PA
  • Jane Jordan Browne at Multimedia Product Development, Inc.
  • Perry Browne at Pema Browne Ltd.
  • Francine Ciske
  • Diane Cleaver at Diane Cleaver Inc.
  • Florence Feiler at Florence Feiler Literary Agency
  • Giles Gordon at Curtis Brown
  • Maia Gregory at Maia Gregory Associates (per a writer report)
  • Bertha Klausner at Bertha Klausner International Literary Agency, Inc. (per a writer report)
  • Lucy Kroll at Lucy Kroll Agency
  • Bernard Kurman at Rights Unlimited, Inc.
  • Marilyn Marlow at Curtis Brown
  • James Seligmann at James Seligmann Agency
  • Sally Wecksler at Wecksler-Incomco
  • Ruth Wreschner at Ruth Wreschner Literary Agency

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