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    Authors Seeking Agents for Literary Representation:
    (1st-10th) / (11th-20th)/ (21st+)

    1. Actor David Armstrong, Author of
      Messages From the Spirit World

      "Life is not what you think it is, and most books on
      spirituality are leading you away from the truth."
      Eyes: Blue
      Languages: Spanish, German, Danish
      Author and Actor David Armstrong

    2. Dante L. R. Harrell, author of What goes down must come Up!
      ("Special effects student robs bank with no weapon. How?")

      Author Dante L. R. Harrell

    3. Author and Playwright Colin Evans

      Author and Playwright Colin Evans

    4. Jocelyn McSayles, Maya Angelou-esque Author of five books

      Author Jocelyn McSayles

    5. Fredna De Carlo, Author of Ten Mile Road
      (Young Adult historical fiction Time Travel novel)

      Author Fredna De Carlo

    6. Jason P. Crawford, Author of Chains of Prophecy

      Author Jason P. Crawford

    7. Agatha Rae, Author of novel Oenone seeking American Agent

      Author Agatha Rae

    8. J. Matthew McKern, Author of Raven's Secret

      Author J Matthew McKern

    9. Gia Volterra De Saulnier, the Author of Journey to Jazzland

      Author Gia Volterra De Saulnier

    10. Michelle Smith, Author of novel What Happened That Day

      Author Michelle Smith

    11. C. R. Powers, Author of dark poetry book The Call of Fear

      Author C. R. Powers

    12. Earthlynn Renae: Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Comedienne, MC, Writer

      Earthlynn Renae

    13. Nicole Pyles, Author (with her Mother) of Children's Picture
      Book based on her Childhood Toys and Stuffed Animals

      Author Nicole Pyles

    14. Kevin Korterud, Author of book proposals on Info Age Dawn

      Author Kevin Korterud

    15. Karen Gaynord, Author of Novel/Screenplay

      Author Karen Gaynord

    16. Rolf Gunnar Hauge, published Freelance Writer & Book Author

      Author Rolf Gunnar Hauge

    17. Cheri Shanti, Author of Book The Breath of Cuba

      Author Cheri Shanti

    18. J.B. Struzzi II, Book Author seeking Literary Representation

      Author J.B. Struzzi II

    19. Writer Harold Smith

      Writer Harold Smith

    20. Jack Hammons: No Actor, Athlete, Author, Model or Musician

      Dog Jack Hammons

    21. W.R. Hammons, Author of Several Works for (Re)Publication:

      Alternity, a Novel of Alternate History

      • Alternity, a novel of Alternate History
      • Overlord, a Sequel to Alternity
      • The Wanderer, another Sequel to Alternity
      • Farewell, Manhattan, a Novel
      • American Journey, a Memoir
      • Evening Star, a Novella
      • First Star, a Novella
      • Short Stories:
        1. "The Bid"
        2. "The Cherry Tree"
        3. "Colorado Sky"
        4. "The Crevasse"
          • Which side of the Crevasse will Jim Garner jump to?
            Or has the jump already been made for him?
        5. "Death, Life, and Videotape"
        6. "The First Law of Public Relations"
        7. "Loco"
        8. "Returning to Rostov"
        9. "The Running Men"
        10. "The Shot"
        11. "s.t.u.d."
          • Henry Bacon is a college senior who receives a suspiciously lucrative job offer that leads him to Las Vegas. The offer is rescinded as soon as Bacon’s plane lands, and he finds himself stranded in Sin City until a stranger presents a new opportunity...
        12. "Twelfth of Ninth"


    Literary Agents:

  • Attorney Robert Barnett at Williams & Connolly (Law Firm)
  • Tina Bennett at Janklow and Nesbit Associates
  • Peter Evanovich
  • Christy Fletcher at Fletcher & Company
  • Chris Fortunato at Chris Fortunato Literary Agency
  • Julie Just at Janklow and Nesbit Associates
  • Christopher Little at Christopher Little Agency
  • Theresa Park at The Park Literary Group
  • Jodi Reamer at Writers House
  • Rosemary Stimola at Stimola Literary Studio
  • Amanda Urban at International Creative Management

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