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Mount Oxford, Colorado

Mount Oxford's Elevation: 14,153 Feet

Mount Oxford's Rank Among Colorado's Fourteeners in Terms of Elevation: #26

Mount Oxford is located in the Sawatch Range

Mount Oxford is considered walkable

Best months for climbing Mount Oxford are May through September

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Mount Oxford, with an elevation of 14,153 feet, is the 26th highest peak in the state of Colorado and one of five Colorado Fourteeners named for famous universities (the other Fourteeners being Mounts Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale). Most climbers use the Missouri Gulch trail and climb Mount Belford on their way to and from Mount Oxford, but this makes for a long day of hiking (nine to 11 hours), complete with a possible encounter with the afternoon thunderstorms frequent in the Sawatch Range.

To reach the Vicksburg/Missouri Gulch trailhead, head south from Leadville along Highway 24 for 20 miles, then take CR 390 west for over seven miles (the Missouri Gulch trailhead will be on the left). After passing an old log cabin a mile into the hike you'll rise above the treeline and enter the Missouri Gulch, and eventually you'll reach a Colorado Fourteener Initiative trail which branches off to the southeast and Mount Belford. Summit Belford, then follow the saddle to Mount Oxford to the east.

The total round trip from the trailhead to the summit of Mount Oxford is 11 miles with 5,900 feet in elevation gain.


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