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Mount Sherman, Colorado

Mount Sherman's Elevation: 14,036 Feet

Mount Sherman's Rank Among Colorado's Fourteeners in Terms of Elevation: #45

Mount Sherman is located in the Mosquito Range

Mount Sherman is considered walkable

Best months for climbing Mount Sherman are June through September

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Mount Sherman, with an elevation of 14,036 feet, is the 45th highest peak in the state of Colorado. Sherman is the southernmost Fourteener in the Mosquito Range, and is considered one of Colorado's easiest Fourteeners to climb. The gentle ridges running from its summit which make Mount Sherman such an easy climb also make it a bit difficult to distinguish. Also be aware of the many abandoned mines located on the slopes of this and other peaks in the Mosquito Range.

The most popular route to the summit is from the east. Drive a mile south from the intersection of US 285 and CO 9 in Fairplay. Turn right onto the dirt road CR 18 and drive a little over 10 miles to the site of Leavick at 11,240 feet. 4WD will get you further up the road, but, in any event, just start hiking and follow Fourmile Creek northwest to the obvious saddle between Mounts Sheridan and Sherman. Then follow that saddle north a mile to the summit, which might look suspiciously non-descript.

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