Bill Hammons: Writing and Running in Boulder, Colorado


NoBo (a.k.a. "North Boulder")

NoBo (a.k.a. "North Boulder," a.k.a. "Holiday") is the collection of brightly-colored homes where North Broadway meets Highway 36 on the north edge of Boulder. The stretch of North Broadway that once was filled with bleak, dilapidated storefronts (a strip club was still to be seen on my last run through the neighborhood) has been transformed into a trendy collection of upscale restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

The Holiday neighborhood came about indirectly as a result of Safeway's purchase of the old Holiday Drive-In Theater site in 1995 (the theater closed in 1988; the neighborhood's "Easy Rider Lane" is named after the first film screened at the old theater (in 1969)). Boulderites (not surprisingly) objected to the company's plans to build a megastore on the site, and Safeway eventually caved and sold the property to developers and the city.

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