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Fourteeners in Colorado's Sangre de Cristo Range

The Sangre de Cristo Mountains, running from Poncha Pass in south-central Colorado to a point southeast of Santa Fe, New Mexico, are the most southerly subrange of the Rockies. Sangre de Cristo is Spanish for "Blood of Christ," and is said to be derived from the range's red color at certain sunrises and sunsets, especially when the mountains are covered with snow. The name only dates back to the early 1800s, however, and the Sangre de Cristo before that time was referred to as "La Sierra Nevada," "La Sierra Madre," "La Sierra," or (by English speakers) "The Snowies." The archaic Spanish spelling "Sangre de Christo" is sometimes used.

The Sangre de Cristo's Fourteeners include:

  • Blanca Peak
  • Challenger Point
  • Crestone Needle
  • Crestone Peak
  • Culebra Peak
  • Ellingwood Point
  • Humboldt Peak
  • Kit Carson Peak
  • Mt. Lindsey
  • Little Bear Peak


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