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Senator Evan Bayh

Democratic US Senator from Indiana

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Senator Bayh is a Class III Senator (Up for Re-Election in 2010)

Senator Bayh is retiring in 2010. The 2010 Indiana US Senate Candidates include:

Congressman, Ex-Vanderburgh County Sheriff Brad Ellsworth (D)

Ex-US Senator, Ex-Congressman, Ex-US Ambassador to Germany, Attorney, Lobbyist Dan Coats (R)

Ex-Bloomington School Board Member, Farmer, '98 Nominee, '02 Sec. of State Nominee Rebecca Sink-Burris (L)

Don Harris (Public)

'08 Gov. Candidate Timothy Lee Frye (I)

2010 Indiana US Senate Primary Candidates who also ran include:

Bank Branch Manager Don Bates Jr. (R)

Plumbing Contractor, Anti-Tax Activist Richard Behney (R)

State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Farmer Marlin Stutzman (R)

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