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Senator George Voinovich

Republican US Senator from Ohio

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Senator Voinovich is a Class III US Senator (Up for Re-Election in 2010)

Senator Voinovich is retiring in 2010. 2010 Ohio US Senate Candidates include:

(Ohio's 2008 Partisan Voting Index: R+0)

Ex-US Budget Director, Ex-US Trade Representative, Ex-Congressman, Attorney Rob Portman (R)

Lt. Governor, Ex-Attorney General, Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Rep., '98 Governor Nominee Lee Fisher (D)

Electrical Engineer Eric Deaton (C)

University Instructor, Author, Ex-Truck Driver, Labor Union Activist Dan LaBotz (Socialist)

Scientist Eric LaMont Gregory (I)

Businessman Stephen Lahanas (I)

Businessman Dave Myers (I)

Engineer, Teacher, Retired USAF Officer, Ex-Republican, '06 Candidate Bill Pierce (I)

IT Consultant Adam Shaffer (I)

2010 Ohio US Senate Primary Candidates who also ran include:

Auto Dealer Tom Ganley (R)

Jason Howard (R)

Secretary of State, Ex-Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Jennifer Brunner (D)

Ohio Governor / Sr. Senator in Congress / Jr. Senator in Congress

Current Ohio Congressional District Map

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